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Top 3 Must-Do C-Section Exercises

cesarean recovery exercise postpartum journey scar massage Sep 28, 2023

First things first, let's acknowledge that recovery after major abdominal surgery, such as a Cesarean section, goes beyond the commonly suggested 6-week mark. Despite what some healthcare providers may communicate, feeling pain-free doesn't necessarily equate to being fully healed. As an athletic therapist, I've seen how this misconception can lead to complications, and that's why this discussion is crucial.

Before we jump into the top 3 must-do C-section exercises, let's address a fundamental truth: if you've had a Cesarean, you also need to heal from diastasis. This might come as a surprise to many, but understanding this fact is key to a comprehensive recovery.


The Importance of Post-Cesarean Exercises


Now, why do we need to talk about C-section exercises? The misconception that you're good to go after 6 weeks can lead to long-term issues. Many new moms experience concerns like the infamous "C-section shelf", weakened abdominal muscles, or simply not feeling right when moving.

This misconception can be particularly problematic because the scar tissue from a Cesarean birth requires intentional care and rehabilitation. The scar isn't just a mark; it's a crucial part of your body's healing process. That's where exercises come in.

As we explore the top 3 C-section exercises, it's important to emphasize that the goal is not just strength but also proper movement and muscle engagement. This distinction is vital, especially considering the unique challenges of post-Cesarean recovery.

Wearing compression shorts or using a compression garment can provide additional support during exercises. Think of it as a protective brace, allowing you to gradually reintroduce movements without putting excessive strain on healing muscles and scar tissue.


Bringing a life into the world is a beautiful journey, but recovery after a Cesarean section requires thoughtful care. In this video, I delve into a comprehensive 5-minute routine designed to aid the healing process after a C-section focusing on scar massage and 3 essential exercises. Whether you've just undergone surgery or are several weeks postpartum, these practices can contribute significantly to your recovery.


The Importance of Scar Massage 


Scar massage post-C-section is often overlooked but plays a vital role in healing. It's the first step to promote circulation, ease tightness, and prevent complications. Let me guide you through this crucial self-care practice, addressing the intricacies.


Here's my top 3 must-do C-section exercise:

Exercise #1 - Belly Breathing: 

Belly breathing emerges as a cornerstone exercise in the post-C-section recovery journey, offering a bridge between the mind and the muscles. Beyond its immediate benefits of reducing swelling, alleviating pain, and addressing the notorious C-section shelf, belly breathing taps into a deeper healing process. This exercise encourages a connection between the brain and muscles, acting as a subtle massage for scars from the inside out. The beauty of belly breathing lies in its accessibility—it's a safe and gentle option even on day one post-surgery, making it a valuable ally throughout the recovery stages.

Exercise #2 - Wall Planks: 

Dispelling myths surrounding post-C-section limitations, the second crucial exercise is the wall plank. Executed with the support of a yoga block, this exercise actively engages inner thighs and abdominal muscles. However, a vital prerequisite is mastering the ABCs—Alignment, Breathing, and Core Control—before venturing into planks. Wall planks, far from being off-limits, contribute significantly to core strengthening. Beyond their fitness benefits, these planks play a protective role in daily activities, such as sneezing, coughing, or lifting. The journey from wall planks to more advanced variations become a natural progression for those eager to reclaim their strength.

Exercise #3 - Superman Exercise:

Lying on the stomach, often overlooked in post-C-section recovery, takes center stage with the Superman exercise. This transformative exercise involves lying on the stomach and lifting both arms and legs simultaneously. Its multifaceted benefits include the alleviation of pain, reduction of swelling, and addressing numbness, all while fortifying muscles throughout the torso. Despite its importance, this exercise is a gentle and gradual endeavor, offering comfort and empowerment to individuals as early as two weeks postpartum. The pace of embracing the Superman exercise is highly individualized, respecting each person's unique recovery trajectory. 


Your Body, Your Best Therapist. Take charge of your recovery journey by combining scar massage and exercises for optimal results. Follow this 5-minute routine and pave the way for a stronger, more confident post-C-section recovery. Acknowledging the essential need for a well-structured recovery plan, my Cesarean Recovery program is your ultimate guide to scar massages and targeted exercises. Take charge of your healing journey with the flexibility to choose between a self-guided program or personalized one-on-one sessions with me. Your recovery, your way – because every mom deserves a tailored path to strength and confidence. 


My goal is for every mom to feel heard and empowered in their Cesarean recovery. Remember, you're not alone, and your journey is uniquely yours. Here's to strength, healing, and embracing the incredible power within you.

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