My Method

Designed with the athlete in mind - from recreational to elite.

The Proactivemoms Method is a simple and safe system of 13 exercises that keeps you strong during pregnancy and helps you recover after childbirth.
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because all you really need to know are these 13 exercises. Apply them to your existing workouts instead of replacing them, and keep active the way you love.

because this methodology has been developed through 19 years of an evidence-informed Athletic Therapy practice.

What is the main goal of the
Proactivemoms Method?


The main goal is to teach your body how to move correctly & safely as it experiences massive changes over two years (from conception to >1 year after childbirth). This is vital to keeping pain-free while staying active - and even competitive - in the sports you love.

And, here’s the big secret: you get stronger when you move correctly, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

Why should I choose
“The Proactivemoms Method”
over another program?

  1. The PMM was designed by me, an Athletic Therapist. Programming has been refined over 20 years working with female athletes like yourself.
  2. Safety. Testing Criteria are set at each Stage of the PMM. Pass the Test to progress to the next Stage.
  3. The focus is on function. Improved aesthetics is a bonus side effect!
  4. Proactivemoms Method is like “prehab”. It prepares your body for childbirth, and shortens your recovery time.
  5. Proactivemoms Method is for athletes, recreational all the way to elite.

“I’m an athlete. Paint me a picture.”

You’ve had a sports injury before. Remember what it was like? The pain that just kept nagging you for months afterwards? The pain that kept you from training and competing at the levels that you wanted? Well, I want you to know that childbirth is very similar to a sports injury. However, via the concepts and exercises in the Proactivemoms Method, I will ensure that your recovery is effective and as short as possible.

First step: you MUST move correctly in order to get stronger. Second step: you MUST get stronger to play your sport.

The Proactivemoms Method helps you to move through these two steps at your own pace.

You may be pregnant, or you may be postpartum. Ask yourself this question: what sports do you want to continue to play, what activities do you want to be able to continue to do, after your baby arrives?

During pregnancy, the Proactivemoms Method helps you to continue participating in your sport.

Postpartum, the Proactivemoms Method helps you prepare your body so that you can get back into training for the sport that YOU love.

In short, the Proactivemoms Method doesn’t replace your sport; it helps keep you doing your sport.

Just imagine: Staying athletic while you build your family, then resuming 100% athlete status after you are done.


This is what the Proactivemoms Method can do for YOU.