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Compression Garments: A Guide to Speeding Up C-Section Recovery

cesarean recovery compression garments postpartum recovery Oct 19, 2023

Hello there, it's Janette Yee, your perinatal athletic therapist. The topic for today's live session is the role of compression garments in speeding up your C-section recovery. I want to emphasize that compression garments can benefit both vaginal and C-section deliveries. So, no matter where you are in your postpartum journey or if you're expecting, you're in the right place.

And I want to assure you that if you've never explored postpartum compression before, it's never too late to start.


Why Compression Garments?


Compression garments are essentially wearable supports that provide gentle pressure to specific areas. In our context, we're focusing on the abdominal area. There's also some compression in the pelvic floor region. The key is that it's snug enough to stay in place without hampering your movements or comfort.

So, why do we need them? The primary reason is to protect your healing abdominal muscles, especially after a C-section or major abdominal surgery. They also play a significant role in reducing post-surgical swelling. This swelling can be quite painful and can lead to what's often referred to as the "C-section shelf." Swelling can hinder the reconnection of your brain with your abdominal muscles, impeding your recovery and causing discomfort.

Essentially, you want to rehabilitate your abdominal muscles, regain pain-free mobility, and continue your fitness journey.


What to Know About Compression Garments


Here's a breakdown of the key points to understand about compression garments:

  • Not Aesthetics, but Healing: The primary purpose of compression garments is not to achieve a particular look but to aid in the healing process. They help to decrease swelling and protect your abdominal muscles during recovery.
  • Compression is Key: Compression garments are designed to provide comprehensive support, covering the entire surgical area – from your sternum down to your pubic bone. They also offer consistent support, even when you're sitting or moving, ensuring that the pressure is evenly distributed.
  • Start Early: You can start wearing a compression garment right from day one post-surgery, and you should. The sooner you begin, the faster your body will heal. However, consult your healthcare provider and ensure it's comfortable for you.
  • What If You're Pregnant: If you're pregnant, you can measure for a postpartum compression garment in advance. It's an excellent way to prepare for a more comfortable and efficient postpartum recovery.
  • Universal Support: Compression garments can benefit both vaginal and C-section deliveries. They are not exclusive to one type of surgery or birth.
  • Be Mindful of Fit: The effectiveness of a compression garment also depends on how well it fits your body. The SRC Health brand offers various sizes, ensuring that every body type is catered to. Your comfort and confidence are the priority.
  • Customized Healing: The response to compression may vary among individuals. Your body's healing process will be unique to you, and that's perfectly fine.
  • Start When Comfortable: If a compression garment feels uncomfortable, don't force it. Listen to your body and start when you feel ready.
  • Your Body, Your Journey: Embrace your body's healing journey, whether it's fast or slow. Every body is different, and that's what makes each person's postpartum experience unique.


Recovering after a C-section is a pivotal phase in your postpartum voyage, and employing the right strategies and tools can yield significant benefits. Compression garments stand as a dependable means to manage swelling, enhance comfort, and contribute to the healing of your abdominal muscles. Whether you've undergone a C-section or had a vaginal birth, comprehending the advantages of compression wear can greatly improve the quality of your recovery.

If you're seeking specific guidance on post-C-section recuperation or require recommendations on compression garments, it is always advisable to seek the expertise of healthcare professionals or therapists. They can tailor a recovery plan to your specific needs and extend invaluable support throughout your healing expedition.

For those interested in exploring the world of SRC Health compression garments or capitalizing on a 15% discount, you can conveniently make a purchase here by using the code Janette*Yee. Always remember, your body possesses remarkable resilience, and you are embarking on an incredible journey. Let's stand together on the path to well-being.