Proactivemoms Method: Diastasis Recovery


Helping you master basic postpartum exercises so that you can seamlessly and confidently transition to the physical activities you love most

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What if most of your postpartum pain is NOT from injury or weakness, but from not moving well?

What if the appearance of your postpartum abdominals can be improved by moving better??

Would you commit to better movement?

Bulging abs are common for those who return to activities without proper core control. This can be prevented. It can also be undone.

Learn how in the Proactivemoms Method: Diastasis Recovery

Maybe you never thought of it this way, but your body just spent 9 months becoming a completely different shape, size, and center of gravity (we’ll call this “pregnancy”).


⮞ But in only one moment, it became “unpregnant”.

⮞ It did not have enough time to adapt to this brand new body before it had to move (i.e. care of a baby, manage a household, return to work).

⮞ Your body had to compensate immediately.

Your diastasis recovery starts here.

Learn these foundational concepts. Do it right the first time. Having a good handle on these concepts minimizes pain.


Going through pregnancy and childbirth is an opportunity to rebuild your core into anything you want. You will never be able to build from ground zero like this again.

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Hi, I'm Janette.


Up until seven years ago, I had NEVER done any postpartum rehab - I’d only taught it to patients as a perinatal therapist.

Want to know a secret?....I thought the exercises were sooooooo boring. I didn’t get it. They were too singular, slow, and focused on the minutiae.

I played rugby, for goodness sakes. All I knew were compound movements, power, sweat.

But after the birth of my baby, I realized that I could not only embrace the movements I knew and loved in the gym, they were actually an excellent way to recover from childbirth.

The Proactivemoms Method: Diastasis Recovery was developed based on this realization. So, if you already know and love weight training, running and yoga, this program is for you.

FOR PMM After my own two births, despite being a perinatal therapist and well-connected through Toronto’s medical community, I grossly lacked the mental and physical support needed to return to my sports with confidence and without injury.

“Pregnancy is the ultimate sport. Childbirth, the biggest injury. Treat your healing body like the athlete you are.” - Janette

What folks are saying about the
Proactivemoms Method” Program


“You taught me how to engage my TVA properly. I had no idea that TVA and rectus abdominis could be contracted separately (mind blown, life changing)! Because of this, my abs look flat and not bulging. I didn’t even have to change my workout routine to get this result.”

“I'm a systematic person so I like the systematic approach of the Flow Chart. I like to know what exercises to start with, and how/when to progress to the next ones.”

“Informative with expert knowledge that one cannot find from general postpartum fitness classes.”

“After the Proactivemoms Method, I was more mindful of posture and positioning with daily tasks, which immediately (and surprisingly!) decreased my shoulder and back pain. Also, I was empowered with exercises to build a solid strength foundation.”

“I knew they were myths but having heard certain sources that recommend avoiding planks etc it was very important to be reminded that my body is STRONG, and I don’t have to totally abstain from activities.”

“I was afraid of getting injured and being physically fit enough to return to exercise…I now know how to check if my TVA is activated, how to check if I can control my diastasis.”

The average Athlete spends $200-$1000/month on coaching, training and equipment to optimize performance.

Another $200/month is spent on physical therapy.

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  5 Minute Diastasis Routine videos
  Diastasis Exercise Flow Chart

  Class recordings and exercise demo videos

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1-Month Access


  5 Minute Diastasis Routine videos
  Diastasis Exercise Flow Chart

  Class recordings and exercise demo videos

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Program cost is covered by Athletic Therapy benefits/Health Care Spending Account


Congratulations on making YOU a priority.

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