Proactivemoms Method: Alignment, Breathing, Core Control (ABC's)


Your core retraining STARTS HERE with these three simple concepts - whether you had a vaginal or Cesarean birth, are active or not, or are newly or years postpartum.

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Did you know that how you move dictates how strong and connected your core can be?


With a “smarter” core, your Diastasis Recti could stop bulging?

 That pelvic floor issues like incontinence and prolapse can be a thing of the past?
*Learning proper core control has a tremendous impact on Grade 1-2 prolapse

Learn how with a few simple improvements to your daily movements, in the Proactivemoms Method: ABC’s Program

You wouldn’t build your dream home without a solid foundation, the same way you wouldn’t build your dream body without a solid MOVEMENT foundation.

The ABC’s is your solid foundation.

“Postpartum recovery is about a smarter core; strength is a side effect of a smarter core..” - Janette

When you move right,

 You’ll have less chronic pain
You’ll have more strength

 You’ll have less injuries
 Your abdominal appearance will improve

 Your confidence in your body will skyrocket

Hi, I'm Janette.

I believe that postpartum recovery doesn’t have to be complicated.

But, I didn’t always believe that. As a matter of fact, after the birth of my first child 7 years ago, I thought postpartum recovery was overwhelming and elusive.

There seemed to be so many steps.

And, where on earth was I to start?!

…all this, from a perinatal therapist who already had “all the education” needed!

So, if you feel the same way, you’re not alone.

And after going through it myself, I simplified the process into one easy concept for all mamas after me. Alignment, Breathing, and Core Control. Yes, A-B-C.

Just like the alphabet, this is where your postpartum recovery starts. Learn this, and all concepts afterward build upon this. It’s that simple.

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What’s included in the
“Proactivemoms Method: ABC’s” Workshop?

Upon enrolment, get immediate access to:
 How to test yourself for Diastasis Recti

This is how you know if you’re doing exercises safely/correctly

 Alignment can make or break your core

And how to avoid “floppy abs” during standing activities

 Breathing (or not) affects your pelvic floor

Learn the different types of breathing for optimal postpartum recovery

 Core Control

Learn which muscle “flattens the stomach”, and how to coordinate all deep core muscles during movement and exercise

The “ABC’s” Workshop also includes:

  1 Workbook “Setting up for Success"
  4 Pre-recorded video lessons each 20-30 minutes long
  7 exercise videos
✔  1 year access
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What folks are saying about the
Proactivemoms Method: ABC’s” Program

Megan, 32 weeks pregnant

I’m peeing myself more now that I'm pregnant, and I thought that was just the way it was. Everyone should take your class since so many of us don't know how to properly coordinate our pelvic floor, core, and breath with the changes that happen with pregnancy. I’m not peeing myself anymore!”

Francesca, 5 weeks postpartum

“The ABC’s is so affordable! Looking at other postpartum programs, the ABC’s concept is bundled in with a much larger package. For someone who's on a tight budget, this was affordable. Thank you so much! The ABC'S have changed my life!”

Kate, kids aged 1&3

“I bought memberships and exercise programs but they didn’t address my diastasis. 8 months after I was wondering why my arms and legs were so toned, but my abs remained soft and floppy. Learning the ABC’s was the missing link. I wish I had started with it first so I wouldn’t have wasted all that time and effort.”

Faith, mom of twins

“After learning the ABC’s, I feel like I can properly connect ‘down there’ and apply it to my strength training. I feel very strong. Who knew this one small tweak could make such a difference?”

Maggie, 9 weeks postpartum

“The idea of applying the ABC’s and “zipping up” before unracking my squat bar is a game changer. It helped to have you walk through basic gym exercises while cuing the ABC. It was slow to relearn… but I can lift so much more in the gym now.”


Imagine feeling proud about the way your body feels and looks.

Are you ready to build a Solid Foundation?

Program cost is covered by Athletic Therapy benefits/Health Care Spending Account

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Congratulations on making YOU a priority.

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