Cesarean Recovery
Foundations Program


Learn simple Scar Massage techniques and Movements after C-section so that your core will look and feel strong again

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Do you look at yourself in the mirror, and feel angry about how the scar appears?

Are you fearful of movement because you don’t want to hurt yourself?

Do you want to get back to pain-free living, but have no idea where to start?

If so, you are not alone.

#1 - It’s not vain to want to improve your appearance after surgery.

Your body has changed so much in the past year. Imagine fitting back into some of your favorite clothes. Imagine feeling proud of the way your body looks and feels. The right Scar Massages and Movements can help.

#2 - It’s NOT intuitive to know how to recover after surgery.

No one handed you a recovery program when you were discharged. And, you’re not a therapist. But, the best person to help you heal….is YOU. Feel empowered by following a simple Recovery Flow Chart.

#3 - It’s hard to know what your body needs… when it’s a new body.

It can be overwhelming to be thrown raising a newborn AND simultaneously navigating C-birth healing. Take the guesswork out by following simple daily 5-Minute Recovery Routines. Transition effortlessly back to pain-free living.

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Have you avoided looking at or touching your scar for weeks, even months?

If so, you're not alone.

Step 1: Work through your Birth Experience in the "Cesarean Recovery Foundations" program so that you can learn to touch your scar with acceptance and curiosity.

Step 2: Begin Scar Massage. Here's why:

A C-birth surgery, like any other surgery, creates scar tissue.
Scar tissue is like glue; it’s very tight and sticks to everything around it.

If left untreated, scar tissue can cause:

✔ weak abdominal muscles

 poor core control

 “C-section Shelf” appearance

 painful sex

 digestive issues including bloating, constipation

 fertility issues

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Prevent these, and more, by doing your own Scar Massage between 0-6 months postpartum* This is the best time to make a permanent change!

Hi, I'm Janette.

I believe that public perinatal healthcare in North America is substandard.



Because I struggled big time, emotionally and physically, to recover after my own two births. As an Athletic Therapist for 20 years, I knew the medical system. I could advocate for myself, I could speak perfect english, and STILL I struggled. As I battled daily I thought, “If THIS is how it’s like after conservative vaginal births, what on earth is the support like after Cesarean birth?”

Answer: completely inadequate.

And thus, I created the Cesarean Recovery Foundations program. It’s the program I think every hospital would give their C-birth moms, as the gold-standard of care.

What folks are saying about  

“Cesarean Recovery Foundations


Rebecca, 4 months postpartum

As a lawyer, I appreciate order and process.

The Flow Chart helped me stay focussed on what I had to do for my scar massage rehab. It reminded me that I can reach my fitness goals without injury!”

Faye, 2nd Cesarean birth

I really like the virtual group classes. It’s awesome to build a community and share what’s going on in our lives.

Learning from the other moms supports my mental health; exercising makes me feel like I'm doing something for me.”

Julia, 6 months postpartum

The 5-Minute Routine videos taught me how to start small, and that makes doing something active every day easier to manage.

Once it’s a part of your daily routine then it’s easy to build. I transitioned back to exercise very smoothly.”


When can I start the “Cesarean Recovery Foundations” program?

Start at any time. Access all program materials and live classes immediately upon enrolment.
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Here's what's included in the 

"Cesarean Recovery Foundations" program


 Mental Health Matters Most.

An entire lesson is dedicated to working through your birth trauma/ experience. This allows you to touch and look at your scar with less fear.

 4 pre-recorded Lesson Modules.

Listen to or watch these 1 hour lessons on your own time, on an app on your handheld device

 20+ Scar Massage and Movement videos

Do these correctly and progress these safely over 6+ months of recovery.

Printable workbooks.

Different learning styles require different tools.

INCLUDED: Sample 5-Minute Routine Videos.

No time to create your own rehab routine? Just press “play”.

Value: $199
INCLUDED: 6-month C-birth Recovery Plan.

Fact: better healing outcomes happen when a plan is followed.

Value: $399
BONUS: “Proactivemoms Method: ABC’s” workshop.

PMM: ABC's is your step 1 to recovering from Diastasis Recti and moving without pain.

Value: $49
BONUS: 3 weekly live group Q&A classes.

Don’t guess. Ask a therapist. Questions will come up as your recovery progresses.

Value: $99

Program Syllabus

Upon enrolment, you will have immediate access to 4x1hr learning modules:

All materials immediately accessible upon enrolment. Progress at your own pace.

When can I start the “Cesarean Recovery Foundations” program?

Start at any time. Access all program materials and live classes immediately upon enrolment.
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Lara, 5 weeks postpartum

“It's scary how I didn't know any of this.

I wasn't given any post C-section care information. I even went home the day after, with my dressing taken off, and was just told to not get it too wet in the shower for a couple of days.

I haven't had one person check the scar since (my 'postnatal check' with my Dr was over the telephone). Thank you so much for providing this information, I wish I had known it earlier.

I am super happy I can start massaging and stretching now before it's too late!!!”

Jess, 8 weeks postpartum

“I still haven't accepted the birth since it wasn't what I wanted (the twins were both sideways so the c-section had to happen).

All the things you went over in the program, made me feel seen and heard.

It made me so happy that you talked about touching the scar because it took me a few weeks before I could even acknowledge it. I feel like all C-section mommas need to hear that.

Thank you for educating and empowering all women out there all around the world! You're doing amazing work and I mean that!! Totally made me feel better about my c-section.”

Emily, 4 weeks postpartum

“I really loved the practical guidance as far as what to do 0-6 weeks and 6 weeks+

I have been doing some deep belly breathing (just for my own sanity haha) but will start to do more movements with my arms and legs for the indirect massage. And then incorporate direct massage and the pull and hold after 6 weeks!

I didn't realize how much I was longing for some guidance until I came across your page.

I am so thankful!


Imagine - in 6 months being pain-free and moving freely, with full confidence in your body.

Cost covered by Athletic Therapy benefits or your Health Care Spending Account

1-Time Payment


*Multi-pay option available.

Keep recordings and course access for 1 year.

 For 0-6+ months post-Cesarean

 6-month C-birth Recovery Plan (Value: $399)

3 weekly live group Q&A classes (Value: $99)

 Foundational education about Cesarean Recovery

 Over 20 Scar Massage and Movement videos

 "5-Minute Routines" (Value: $199)

 "Massage & Movement Flow Chart"

BONUS: "Proactivemoms Method: ABC's" (Value: $49)


1-Month Access


Access course material as long as your enrolled.

 For 0-6+ months post-Cesarean

 C-birth Recovery Plan (Value: $69/mo)

3 weekly live group Q&A classes (Value: $99)

 Foundational education about Cesarean Recovery

 Over 20 Scar Massage and Movement videos

 "5-Minute Routines" (Value: $199)

 "Massage & Movement Flow Chart"

BONUS: "Proactivemoms Method: ABC's" (Value: $49)


Congratulations on making YOU a priority.

All prices listed are in CAD. No taxes for international students.


*Scar tissue can remodel indefinitely; however, the most effect time to make a big difference with SELF massage is in the first 6 months postpartum.

If you’re past the 6 month mark, fascial mobilization + use of tools is more effective. Connect with your perinatal therapist for an individualized plan.

Questions? Send us an email at [email protected]