Are you an active woman who just had a C-section?

Are you worried that you'll never be strong enough to return to exercise & sports after major abdominal surgery?

Are you afraid that your abs will look "floppy, weak, and saggy" forever?

You are not alone.

Concierge Cesarean Recovery Program


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Here are the facts.

You never expected to have a C-Section.

And so, you weren't prepared. Not for the pain, not for the weakness, and certainly not for how long the dysfunction would last.

You are overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, and trying to keep a little human alive.

How are you supposed to find the time and energy to help yourself?

This injury is unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Because of that, you have no reference point. Is this pain normal? What’s safe to do? What if you hurt yourself?

And so, out of fear, you don’t do anything. 

It's hard for you to touch your scar.

Actually, it's hard for you to look at it too. This whole birth experience was NOT what you wanted. Why didn’t anyone tell you anything? “It’s not fair, I didn’t deserve this.”

You want to love your body again, but how?

Just Imagine. What if you could...

 ....have mental and physical support through your entire recovery...

...know EXACTLY what to do to achieve the strength and scar appearance you want...

...shorten your recovery time by months, even years...

...without leaving the comfort of your own home?

You’re invited to join the


A NEW personalized 1:1 recovery experience with Janette Yee, Perinatal Therapist
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Con-ci-erge (adj.) -of, relating to, or being a health-care practice in which clients receive enhanced access and services.”

The “Concierge Cesarean Recovery” program (CCR) is exactly that - work directly with me, with regular access to me, for the entire duration of your recovery, eliminating all guesswork and doubt.

The result? An expedited return to optimal strength & scar appearance, so that you can embrace and challenge your body with confidence once again. 

Why is guidance throughout your C-section recovery so important?

Because of this little-known fact:


There is an optimal healing window where SELF-Scar Massage* & Movements are most effective.

It's 0-6 months postpartum.

Watch this video to understand why Scar Massage is so important after your Cesarean birth. 

Hint: It will affect your pain, scar appearance and strength for the rest of your life. 

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I'm Janette.

After helping thousands of women recover from their C-sections, one thing is clear:

C-section birth is NOT the easy way out.

I should know - because as a 2x vaginal birth mom, I struggled big-time. I couldn’t imagine navigating keeping a human alive, postpartum depression, a physically disabled baby...PLUS A C-SECTION TO RECOVER FROM.

And - when our health care systems do not provide standard information on HOW to recover from major abdominal surgery, women are left overwhelmed and in chronic pain and weakness.

As an Athletic Therapist for 20 years, a former competitive rugby player and runner, I believe that Women deserve better care, and I am dedicating my career to filling this healthcare gap.

The “Concierge Cesarean Recovery Program” is designed specifically for women who:

 ...are fully committed to doing the work to transform their life

 ...want optimal results as quickly and safely as possible

...want to eliminate all guesswork and desire full support & personalization

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Here’s what’s included in the “Concierge Cesarean Recovery” Program

1:1 weekly virtual calls with Janette

Your recovery is UNIQUE to you. You will also have questions and bumps along the road that will change your rehab plan. I will be on top of this for the duration of your enrolment, to ensure the quickest & safest possible recovery.

Daily Direct Messaging with Janette via Slack

Have more personal conversations and exchange information with Janette, daily. You can rest assured that you'll have access to Janette's expert assistance whenever you need it.

3-month Personalized rehab plan

Results happen when a clear program is followed. Stay on track, motivated, and eliminate guesswork with Flow Charts for both your C-birth and Diastasis recoveries

Library of videos for reference and additional support

Don’t take notes - watch videos on how to do your assigned Scar Massages and exercises. Save time by watching educational videos, instead of researching or waiting for your next 1:1 appt.

Over 100 videos accessible on an app, immediately upon enrolment.


3 live virtual Q&A classes monthly

Mini-workshops, sharing wins, learning in real time from one another. First three Wednesdays of every month at 1:30pm EST. Recorded in case you can't make it. Unlimited for the duration of your enrolment.

Private Online Community

Your postpartum journey was never meant to be a lonely time. Be a part of this non-Facebook community to share your experiences, support, and learn from others. 

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” - African proverb

What folks are saying about the “Concierge Cesarean Recovery Program

Candice, 6 months postpartum

“As an Athletic Therapist, I am used to serving patients. It was refreshing to have the focus on me, my recovery, and my needs.

I learned to respect my body.

You got my very stuck scar to move again.”


Jenn, 8 months Postpartum

“I bought online exercise programs during COVID but they didn’t address my diastasis nor Cesarean incision. I thought pain in my scar was just a normal part of exercising forevermore after C-section - but it’s not.

Learning to massage my scar, and relearning how to use my core, made all the difference.

I wish I had started with this first!”

Amal, 1 week postpartum

“I LOVE that the live classes could be accessed later in case I missed one. As a new mom, my schedule was pretty unpredictable.

I also really appreciated the opportunity to interact with other moms, ask questions and get exercise cuing in real time.

The community was more important than I could've imagined.”


When can I start the “Concierge Cesarean Recovery” program?


Answer: Start at ANY time. I am ready when you are.

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Want more details? Here are some of the things you’ll learn in the “Concierge Cesarean Recovery” program:

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The “Concierge Cesarean Recovery” Program is for you if:

You thrive working 1:1 with a coach

 Are eager to learn how to be your own therapist

  You can commit 5 minutes of rehabilitation/day

 You learn well watching videos, being coached virtually, and being part of an online community

 You are self-motivated

 You have good body awareness

 You’re familiar with manual therapy and what it should feel like

Other check points that qualify you for the CCR:

 You are pregnant to 12+ months after Cesarean birth

exercise/physical activity are integral parts of your lifestyle

 You are curious about your body, how it works, and how to elevate your health

You're an Athlete. Invest in YOU.

Join me in the “Concierge Cesarean Recovery” program now

3 Month Program

**Waitlist for May 2024 start**

✔ Program cost covered by your Canadian Athletic Therapy insurance benefits

Enrolment to this program is via Success Call only to ensure this program is best for YOUR needs

*Prices in CDN dollars. No taxes for international students.



*Scar tissue can remodel indefinitely; however, the most effective time to make a big difference with SELF massage is in the first 6 months postpartum.
Questions? Send us an email at [email protected]