Cesarean Recovery
for Athletes Program


Get back to the activities and sports you love, quickly and safely, in 10 minutes a day.

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Are you an active woman who just had a C-section?

Are you worried that you'll never be strong enough to return to your sport?

Are you afraid that your abs will always look "floppy, weak, and saggy"?

You are not alone.

You never expected to have a C-birth.

And so, you weren't prepared. Not for the pain, not for the weakness, and certainly not for the recovery.

You are overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, and trying to keep a little human alive.

This injury is unlike anything you've ever experienced.

You know that you're not the first woman to have a C-birth. You see other women back to running, weight training, yoga. They look happy, strong, pain-free.

But how did they get there? 

It's hard for you to touch your scar.

Actually, it's hard for you to look at it too. This core used to be really strong. Now it looks puffy, saggy, and soft.

“So what do I do next?”

 Learn to do your own Scar Massage & Movements.

Know which ones to do, how to do them, and how to progress them.

Simultaneously, learn to trust your body again, get stronger, and seamlessly transition back to your sports, in the “Cesarean Recovery for Athletes” Program

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Little-known fact:

There is an optimal healing window where self-Scar Massage* & Movements are most effective.

It's 0-6 months postpartum.

Take advantage of this opportunity.


Maybe you just gave birth.

Maybe you're around 6-months postpartum.

Either way, let's take care of this NOW.

It will affect your pain and strength for the rest of your life. 

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I'm Janette.

I believe that a full postpartum recovery is a RIGHT, not a PRIVILEGE.

As an Athletic Therapist for 20 years, I've heard too often from my active moms and athletes that their questions about returning to exercise are often dismissed.

“Of course you have pain/incontinence/chronic weakness. You had a C-section.”

While these symptoms are common - they do not have to be your new normal.

You have a RIGHT to pain-free activity for the rest of your life. And, if you’re willing to put in a bit of work at the beginning, you WILL be running, jumping, and throwing - just like you used to.

“Imagine if you could move freely and confidently in any activity you wanted. Imagine the type of Athlete and Mother you would be.”

 Did you know that return to speed, strength, and competition is possible after C-section, with the right program?

 Did you know that the best Therapist for your body is YOU?

Learn to perform advanced C-section scar massage & movements on your own body, following a step-by-step plan, in the Cesarean Recovery for Athletes program.


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Here's what's included in the "Cesarean Recovery for Athletes" program


Mental Health matters most

Start your physical healing by working through your birth trauma/experience FIRST

Athlete-specific Cesarean info

4 Modules of pre-recorded lessons, guiding you from daily pain to confident daily exercise 

 >50 Scar Massage & Movement videos

Do these correctly and progress these safely over your 6+ month recovery

“5-Minute Routine” videos

No time to create your own daily self-therapy? Just press “play”.

Included:  TWO 6-month rehab plans

Better healing happens when a clear program is followed. Stay on track and motivated with Flow Charts for both your C-birth and Diastasis recoveries

Value: $799
Included: 3 live Q&A classes monthly

First three Wednesdays of every month at 1:30pm EST. Recorded in case you can't make it. Unlimited for the duration of your enrolment.

Value: $99/mo
BONUS: "Proactivemoms Method: ABC's"

Step 1 to healing must begin with relearning HOW to move. Focus on Alignment, Breathing, and Core Control in this workshop.

Value: $49
BONUS: "Proactivemoms Method: Diastasis Recovery"

Step 2 - apply the ABC's to this concurrent 6-month program for a seamless transition back to sport

Value: $399

What folks are saying about the “Cesarean Recovery for Athletes Program


Candice, 6 months postpartum

“As an Athletic Therapist, I am used to serving patients. It was refreshing to have the focus on me, my recovery, and my needs.

I learned to respect my body.

You got my very stuck scar to move again.”


Jenn, 8 months Postpartum

“I bought online exercise programs during COVID but they didn’t address my diastasis nor Cesarean incision. I thought pain in my scar was just a normal part of exercising forevermore after C-section - but it’s not.

Learning to massage my scar, and relearning how to use my core, made all the difference.

I wish I had started with this first!”

Amal, 1 week postpartum

“I LOVE that the live classes could be accessed later in case I missed one. As a new mom, my schedule was pretty unpredictable.

I also really appreciated the opportunity to interact with other moms, ask questions and get exercise cuing in real time.

The community was more important than I could've imagined.”


When can I start the “Cesarean Recovery for Athletes” program?

Start at any time. Access all program materials and live classes immediately upon enrolment.


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Upon enrolment, you’ll have immediate access to the four learning Modules:

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Being your own therapist isn’t for everyone.


But, the “Cesarean Recovery for Athletes” is for you if you:

✔ exercise/physical activity are integral parts of your lifestyle

 You can commit 10 minutes of rehabilitation/day

 You learn well watching videos, being coached virtually, and being part of an online community

 You are self-motivated

 You like knowing as much as possible about your body, how it works, and how to elevate your health

 You have good body awareness

 You’re familiar with manual therapy and what it should feel like

 You are 0-6+ months after Cesarean birth

You're an Athlete. Invest in YOU.

Are you ready to take your self-care to the next level?

Program cost covered by Athletic Therapy benefits or your Health Care Spending Account

1-Time Payment


*Payment via installments option available.

Access program material and live classes for 1 year.

 For 0-6+ months post-Cesarean

TWO 6-month rehab plans (Value: $799)

3 live Q&A classes per month (Value: $99/mo)

 Athlete-Specific education about Cesarean Recovery

 Over 50 Scar Massage and Movement videos

 "5-Minute Routines"

 "Massage & Movement Flow Chart"

BONUS: "Proactivemoms Method: ABC's" (Value: $49)

BONUS: "Proactivemoms Method: Diastasis Recovery" (Value: $399)

Program cost covered by your Canadian Athletic Therapy insurance benefits


1-Month Access


Access course material as long as you're enrolled.

 For 0-6+ months post-Cesarean

 TWO 6-month rehab plans (Value: $799)

 3 live Q&A classes per month (Value: $99)

 Athlete-Specific education about Cesarean Recovery

 Over 50 Scar Massage and Movement videos

 "5-Minute Routines"

 "Massage & Movement Flow Chart"

 BONUS: "Proactivemoms Method: ABC's" (Value: $49)

 BONUS: "Proactivemoms Method: Diastasis Recovery" (Value: $399)


Program cost covered by your Canadian Athletic Therapy insurance benefits


Congratulations on making YOU a priority.

All prices listed are in CAD. No taxes for international students.


*Scar tissue can remodel indefinitely; however, the most effect time to make a big difference with SELF massage is in the first 6 months postpartum.

If you’re past the 6 month mark, fascial mobilization + use of tools is more effective. Connect with your perinatal therapist for an individualized plan.

Questions? Send us an email at [email protected]