Janette Yee, CAT(C), RMT


As a board certified athletic therapist and massage therapist in Toronto with over a decade of special interest in pregnancy care and postpartum rehabilitation, I have witnessed how enjoying parenthood with a proactive, health-focused attitude can nurture happy, active moms and babies. Using manual treatment techniques, gentle exercise programming, and education on self-care, I deliver a healing plan customized for each unique mom.

My desire to focus on the pregnant/postpartum population was born from working with elite female rugby players, high performance athletes and health care professionals. Despite their strong bodies and minds, these first-time moms still had postpartum recovery challenges -- and were left feeling unsupported when they needed it most: after the physical trauma of giving birth. Witnessing even female athletes struggle with their changing bodies made me realize that women deserve easier access to the correct information & services for their unique needs.

My mission is thus to elevate the quality and role of women’s prenatal and postpartum healthcare, through a personalized and guided athletic therapy experience. Let’s spark a movement that celebrates how healthy, pain-free moms positively impact the health of our children, families and communities.

When I'm not working, I can be found running, hitting the gym, or enjoying downtown Toronto. I'm also a former rugby and soccer player, mother to two adorable little ones, and wife to my supportive husband, Robert.

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