Think of me as your pregnancy & postpartum rehab coach:

At every stage of your unique journey, I will address the impact pregnancy will have on your muscles and joints.


Before pregnancy

Since strong muscles and joints help handle the changing demands of pregnancy, it's never too early to prepare. Contact me to:

  • discuss your pregnancy plan and recovery goals

  • assess/treat any existing injuries, functional limitations and alignment issues

  • develop an exercise program that works for you

  • optimize your body and build strength



"Prehabilitation": the stronger a woman is going into labour, the sooner she can recover. While we don't know what the nature of your birth experience may be, let's keep you informed, strengthened and supported. We'll work in your first two trimesters to:

  • understand what to expect as the body changes, especially education regarding Diastasis Rectus Abdominus (DRA, or "split abs")

  • prevent and address common pregnancy related issues, including hip/glute pain and lower back pain

  • learn self-treatment techniques to manage aches and pains if they arise

  • develop and encourage realistic exercise habits for the ongoing journey, such as building your pelvic floor muscles


Pregnancy & birth

The fetus gains the most weight in the last trimester. Your body will therefore go through the most physical change during this time. Whether by vaginal or c-section delivery, leading up to your big day we will:

  • continue to make changes to your exercise program so that you can remain active right up to delivery day

  • address any aches and pains with manual therapy and massage

  • discuss a plan of action to address immediate postpartum issues, including incontinence and weak abdominal muscles



A C-section is a major abdominal surgery, and requires manual treatment to restore healthy tissue, as well as careful strengthening exercises for your muscles. If left untreated, complications from the event can last for years. Let's work together to create a plan for healing that minimizes the long-term impact of your Caesarian.

C-section recoveries tend to take a bit longer than vaginal births, so let's set a pace that works for you.


POSTPARTUM (0-12 months)

Although pregnancy and delivery are natural processes, the body will go through physical trauma for which intentional healing is necessary. Factors such as delivery type (vaginal, C-section), labour complications and health status will determine your speed of recovery. Taking your birth scenario into consideration, these sessions will be designed to:

  • correct your diastasis (DRA) by reactivating pelvic floor and core muscles

  • relearn proper breathing and large movement patterns

  • teach proper nursing and sleeping ergonomics

  • design home programs, including postpartum-specific strength building and self-treatment

  • address aches and pains from nursing, heavy breasts or general inactivity

  • eventual return to active living, exercise and/or sports

No babysitter? No worries. Your baby is welcome during your session.


POSTPARTUM (1-10 years...or more)

Pregnancy and labour-related injuries can stay with mothers long after childbirth. Let's identify postpartum-related causes of current injuries and treat them with manual therapy. Common issues that might trace back to your pregnancy include:

  • chronic low back pain or sacroiliac joint (SIJ) paint

  • tight hip muscles at rest or during activity, including hip flexors, groin and glutes

  • "strange" abdominal muscle pains which are linked to physical activity or your menstrual cycle

  • chronic foot pain, including plantar fasciitis

  • inability to "get stronger/faster" with return to sports and physical activity, despite regular training.

The most common root causes of late postpartum aches and pains are c-sections and weak abdominal muscles.



Contact me about athletic therapy, massage therapy and other personal training options for the whole family (i.e. rehabilitation for general sports injuries, post-operative rehab, customized exercise programming, etc.).

I am also available for brand partnerships, workshops, teaching and lectures/education, and corporate speaking events.


This program is suitable for mothers with untreated pain and weakness, months or even years after pregnancy.

During these sessions, many of my past clients have experienced:

  • positive self-image, improved confidence, and peace of mind throughout journey
  • reduced discomfort during pregnancy
  • faster recovery after delivery
  • reduced incontinence
  • decreased postpartum c-section pain and complications
  • decreased pain/improved ability to perform daily living tasks, such as carrying and playing with kids
  • ease and convenience of personalized care, in the comfort of your home
  • quick, smooth return to hobbies, exercise/personal training and sports
  • increased knowledge on self-care techniques


Your initial assessment appointment will last 60 minutes, during which I evaluate your prenatal/postpartum recovery journey. I will then walk you through a proposed plan unique to your pregnancy, body and lifestyle, and together we’ll determine a schedule of follow up sessions required. Fees are for in-home, phone & video sessions:

  • 45 minute sessions: start at $110 + HST

  • 60 minute sessions: start at $130 + HST

Taxes are included in price; payments can be made via e-transfer, cash or cheque

Sessions are covered by most health insurance plans