What my clients are saying:

finance industry

"I feel so lucky to have been able to work with Janette during my pregnancy. She was able to help me modify my existing gym/weight routine to keep it safe for baby and I, and she offered plenty of alternative exercises and self-care recommendations so I could continue to be active even as new limitations arose in my body. Working with Janette gave me the confidence to stay active, knowing her professional knowledge and her personal experience of being active through her pregnancy would help her to guide me in a safe and positive way. I also saw Janette for some "tune-ups" throughout my pregnancy; working out some stiff/sore muscle groups that were newly challenged through the changes my body was undertaking (pelvis, hips tilting with growing baby, etc.). This was immensely helpful as I had been inclined to brush off any aches as minor twinges, sure to pass, but Janette was able to pinpoint and explain the cause for the aches and work them out so I could maintain my active lifestyle. As a regular gym-goer, being able to stay active throughout my pregnancy, with Janette's guidance, made all the difference for me both from a physical-health and mental-health standpoint. I'm looking forward to continuing my postpartum care with Janette."

full-time mom

"I went to see Janette for a general assessment after giving birth. I also had back pain from lifting and holding my very big baby all day but I had figured that I was stuck with that for awhile. To my surprise, Janette showed me that I was lifting him in a way that was aggravating my muscles, she showed me a better approach and I couldn't believe the change. My back felt better almost immediately and I still use that tip to this day. I learned a lot on my visit but that one thing alone made a huge difference for me!"  

personal trainer

"As someone who works in the fitness industry, I sometimes feel like I should know it all, but it becomes apparent very quickly that there are many specialty areas that really need a focus in order to become a master at. After having my first child I was having a lot of back pain. I had been seeing Janette previously to keep my body functioning properly so after having my daughter it was apparent I needed to learn how to really engage my core in a functional way. Janette's patience and detailed way of explaining things made it a process that I was happy to go through to learn the proper way to engage my core so that it would support my back and the rest of my body properly. Janette is extremely knowledgeable and would definitely say she is a master at the work she does. I continue to send my clients to her as well as use what I learned from her as I work with moms in fitness each and every step of the way. Thank you, Janette, for all you do every day!"

Arthur & Laura,
banker and
exercise physiologist

"Janette has been working with us over the past year, and has demonstrated an expert knowledge of pregnancy and postpartum care as it relates to rehabilitation associated with the childbirth process. She couples her technical and practical proficiency with a very caring and friendly personality, always focusing on her patients' well-being as her first priority.

Following the birth of our first child, we have been able to schedule appointments with Janette at our home, and she has brought all necessary equipment to facilitate the treatment, which allows us to focus on getting better and fitter without having to worry about administrative details. Treatments have centered around the principle that many of the peripheral injuries and pain that we experience on a daily basis are deep-rooted within a week and/or imbalanced core, and not only does Janette provide treatment to ease the pain, but also exercises that are practical and fun to do to ensure that we continue to improve in between visits.

We have been particularly impressed with her knowledge of both pregnancy-related issues, but also issues that afflict high-performing athletes. Having both been Ironman competitors, and how first-time parents, we feel Janette can provide comprehensive, functional healthcare in the comfort of our own home!"

school teacher

"After having my daughter I wasn't sure where to start in terms of rebuilding my body and strength. When I met Janette I instantly knew that I was in good hands. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in postpartum rehabilitation. Janette is thorough in her explanations and always made sure that I had a good understanding of what was being discussed. Janette has a very caring and gentle way about her, which made me feel comfortable and safe."

massage therapist

"After working alongside Janette as a fellow health care practitioner I can confidently stay that she is the most intelligent, thorough and effective therapist that I have ever met. Her knowledge of the human body is impeccable, and I have the utmost respect for her treatment recommendations. When I recently got pregnant myself and began getting symptoms of what I thought might be diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles) I knew exactly who to turn to. Janette was very thorough, and gave me excellent suggestions for care during my pregnancy as well as postpartum care to aid in my recovery. What I truly appreciate with Janette's treatments is that after her assessment, she will take the time to explain to her clients what is mechanically happening in their body to lead to their pain and/or dysfunction. Once her clients have a good understanding of what is causing their complaint, she will work with them to correct these dysfunctions either through skilled manual work and/or with rehabilitation exercises. Her treatments are very personalized, well thought out and effective. I have many times in the past, and would continue to recommend Janette Yee as a therapist."


"While it is immediately evident that Janette is highly skilled and knowledgeable, it is not these attributes that make her such an amazing clinician. Great therapists are genuinely compassionate, empathetic, and self aware. Janette embodies these qualities on top of a great sense of humour and a ceaseless thirst for further education; she’s like your best friend, personal motivator, and ‘body-fixer’ rolled into one. Creating life is so incredibly intimate and momentous, both emotionally and physically speaking, why wouldn’t you want the best at your side? (or behind you, kicking your butt to a fit mom bod!)"

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